Global Greengrants Fund is proud to be Aveda’s Earth Month global partner. When you buy a limited-edition Aveda Light the Way candle during Earth Month, Aveda donates 100 percent of the sale price to Global Greengrants Fund to support clean-water projects in communities around the globe.

Why is an international environmental nonprofit partnering with a multinational corporation?

Global Greengrants Fund and Aveda share a truly unique vision of sustainability. Aveda provides a powerful model of social and environmental responsibility, from sourcing organic ingredients to using recycled packaging to supporting community-led projects in areas where the company sources its ingredients.

“Everyone at Aveda feels proud of our partnership with Global Greengrants. Both organizations believe that positive change comes from community-based initiatives. A better world can result from individuals and families who are empowered to act in favor of their ecosystems. Together, Global Greengrants and Aveda change the world through small grants, one at a time.”

Dominique Conseil, President, Aveda

Together, we’re building pipe systems in villages. But we’re also looking at the bigger picture and asking, “What’s causing damage to watersheds in Southeast Asia? Where is toxic pollution entering rivers in Argentina? And how can we support solutions that will guarantee people in Africa have clean water for the long term?”

It’s this systemic, transformative approach that makes our partnership with Aveda so special. Together, we have protected more than 750 watersheds and impacted more than 660,000 lives with grants in 67 countries totaling more than $7.5 million.

  • Protecting healthy watersheds: Massive hydroelectric projects proposed on the border between China and Russia could flood thousands of people’s homelands and destroy sensitive ecosystems. Global Greengrants Fund is supporting local efforts to protect rivers and lakes by opposing megadam construction and funding conservation education.
  • Restoring communities’ access to fresh water: For 20 years, people in Karinde, Kenya, survived on water from a well contaminated with excessive amounts of fluoride that caused their teeth to decay and their bones to break easily. With Global Greengrants Fund support, villagers are building systems to supply 40 homes with freshwater and are planting trees to improve the health of their groundwater.
  • Transforming systems that damage water quality: Despite fears that hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) harms water quality and people’s health, natural gas fracking is on the upswing in Argentina. Global Greengrants Fund is funding local research on fracking’s environmental impact and is supporting policy efforts to prohibit the practice.