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2014 Summit on Women & Climate

Why Women & Climate?

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Climate change is the greatest environmental and human rights threat of all time. The consequences disproportionately impact women who depend on the natural world for their physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Yet these same women are also forging bold, effective initiatives to counter climate change.

Global Greengrants, the International Network of Women’s Funds, and the Alliance of Funds are the largest global funders of grassroots efforts. Together, these networks hosted the Summit on Women and Climate to address the resource gap for grassroots women implementing climate-related projects.

We believe it’s time for women’s and environmental rights movements to:

  • Share strategies women are using to combat climate change in their communities
  • Address challenges such as criminalization and violence against women climate leaders
  • Strategize ways to engage governments, corporations, international financial institutions, and others around supporting women’s climate solutions

“Climate Justice and Women’s Rights: A guide to directing more resources to grassroots women”

2014 Summit on Women & Climate

Tulika Srivastava, of the South Asia Women's Fund; Suryamani Baghat, of the Jharkhand Save the Forests Movement; Hira, an Indonesian-language interpreter; and Mardiana Deren, of the Indigenous Peoples' Alliance of the Archipelago, in Bali.

Nearly 100 indigenous and non-indigenous leaders and advocates from 37 countries participated in the 2014 Summit on Women & Climate, held at the Green School in Bali, Indonesia.


Coming soon, this guide is a call to action to direct more substantial funding to climate change work designed and proposed at the grassroots level. Its case studies and steps for funders provide concrete solutions to:

  1. Fund at the intersection of climate justice and women’s rights, and identify areas in which that funding is currently taking place.
  2. Honor how women’s experiences influence grassroots climate justice funding.
  3. Deepen philanthropic practice and foster collaboration to get timely and appropriate funding to women ad their communities.
  4. Bring women’s voices into climate change policy discussions.
  5. Advocate for the strong impact small- and medium-size grants can make in women-organized efforts to address climate change at the community level.

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