Year: 2005

Nigeria: Grantees Campaign against Gas Flaring

While much political and economic attention has been focused on the oil industry over the past several years, the links between oil extraction and environmental, health and social problems have been largely ignored. According to a recent report by Environmental Rights Action (ERA)/Friends of the Earth Nigeria, a Greengrants grantee, 2.5 billion cubic feet of […]

Human Rights Mission Investigates Fumigation Along the Ecuador/Colombia Border

The Observatorio Interamericano de los Derechos de los Migrantes (OCIM), The Center for Human Rights and Enviroment (CEDHA), the Pesticide Action Network (PAN), and Greengrants funded an urgent fact-finding mission to Ecuador.

Increased Environmental Efforts in Xinjiang

by Mariah Ford, Greengrants intern Chinese environmental policy has come a long way since Mao declared that man must “conquer nature and thus attain freedom from nature.” Over the last decade, China has witnessed a huge increase in its environmental organizations, which have attracted thousands of members. By promoting environmental goals and fostering a broad […]

India: COPDANET Helps to Restore Tsunami-Damaged Mangroves in the Andaman Islands

by Michael Kramer-Duffield The tsunami of December 2004 devastated many coastal areas of South and Southeast Asia. Some of the hardest-hit areas were those in which coastal mangroves had been severely depleted due to overdevelopment and poor resource management, among other reasons. In these mangrove-depleted areas there was little or nothing to buffer the impact […]

Seeking Environmental Justice in South Africa

by Michael Kramer-Duffield In the heavily industrialized area of South Durban, many communities have banded together over the last decade to bring attention to and find remedies for the great harm they have incurred from living in the midst of often careless and poisonous industries. The South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) has been the […]