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China: Proposed Dam Project Suspended – For Now

Sep 8, 2005

The Nu River; Photo by Wang Yougchen In early April 2004 the opposition to the Nu River dam project scored a major victory: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao ordered the project’s “suspension.” Premier Wen went on the record to state that… Read more

Bolivia: Tacana Communities Work Together to Manage their Forests

Sep 7, 2005

by Mariah Ford, Greengrants Intern In July 2003, after many years of negotiating with officials in La Paz, the Comunidades Tacanas T.C.O. finally acquired title for the nearly one million hectares that they have traditionally occupied. This is a huge… Read more

Honduras: The Garifuna Fight for Their Way of Life

Aug 30, 2005

The scene of arson and the assasination of a Garifuna leader; Photo by Comité Garifuna The Garifuna, descendents of indigenous Caribbean islanders and African slaves, have lived for over 200 years along the Caribbean coasts of Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and… Read more

Interview with Nnimmo Bassey, Greengrants Advisor

Aug 15, 2005

An interview with Nnimmo Bassey, Executive Director and founder of Nigeria-based Environmental Rights Action and member of the Greengrants West Africa Advisory Board. Read more

Ecuador: Altervia Helps Rural Communities Develop Alternative Energy

Aug 9, 2005

An Altervia workshop on installing a "bio-digester."; Photo by Altervia While many countries suffer from a lack of energy resources, Ecuador suffers, in a sense, from both the lack and the availability of energy. On the one hand, many rural… Read more

Highlights from the Greengrants Advisory Board Retreat

Jun 8, 2005

This past April, global and regional representatives of Greengrants' network of advisors met in Amsterdam to share ideas, strategies and plans for the future. Read more

Supporting the Grassroots in Tsunami Reconstruction and Global Coastal Protection

Apr 11, 2005

The Southeast Asia tsunami struck at the heart of many of the communities with which we work. Global Greengrants Fund is offering a way for donors to get contributions to grassroots organizations in affected areas. Read more

Anabela Lemos Receives Mozambique’s National Environmental Prize

Apr 8, 2005

Greengrants congratulates Anabela Lemos, Southern Africa Advisory Board member and winner of Mozambique's first National Environmental Prize. Read more

Field Notes on the Compassionate Life: A Search for the Soul of Kindness

Apr 7, 2005

Marc Ian Barasch, a friend of Greengrants, recently published a book that offers a glimpse into the underpinnings of the work we support. Read more

Russia: Sakhalin Island Indigenous Communities Pressure Oil Giants

Apr 7, 2005

by Tracy Kirkland Greengrants advisors Dmitry Lisitsyn of Sakhalin Environment Watch and Yuri Shirokov of ISAR track gray whale migratory routes off the coast of Sakhalin Island; Photo by Chris Allen In response to plans for a major oil and… Read more