Year: 2007

Ecotourism for El Cacao Honduras

El Cacao is a poor, rural community in Honduras where people struggle to make a living. There was no sense of real possibilities for change until the community decided to  develop its own ecotourism project to create a brighter future for this village of thatched-roof, mud-floored huts, for the children with big bellies swollen from […]

Honduras: Promoting Community-Based Tourism

Community-managed ecotourism project hopes to attract tourists to El Cacao lagoon.

Interview with Uday Khemka

Find out from this interview from Alliance Magazine why the Khemka Foundation has expanded its mission to include climate change.

Standing or Falling Together

Greentgrants Advisors Nnimmo Bassey and Wen Bo are featured in this recent Alliance Magazine article.

Cameroon’s Timber Industry

A discussion between Samuel Nnah Ndobe, a member of Greengrants International Financial Institutions (IFI) Advisory Board, and Chris Allan concerning the timber industry’s impact on Cameroon’s indigenous Pygmy population.