Year: 2010

Amur Tiger Photo Raises Nearly $100,000 for Conservation Work

We’re proud of our Russia Board advisor, Sergei Bereznuk, who won the 2010 Whitley Fund for Nature Christmas Card competition and garnered more support for his work protecting big cats in Siberia.

Shop Sustainably This Season to Support Greengrants

Green Elements teams up with Chartreuse Products to fundraise for grassroots groups. Owner Suzie Blodgett blogs about why she chose Greengrants and how you, too, can support worthy causes by mindfully choosing how and where to spend money.

COP16 Wrap-Up: An Agreement Emerges, but is it Enough?

Delegates at the 16th annual Conference of the Parties emerged from final climate talks early Saturday morning. Their “Cancun Agreement” is sadly on par with expectations.

Day Twelve: “Why do we keep postponing a deal, when the planet keeps warming and people keep polluting?”

As the two-week climate summit in Cancun comes to an end, it appears that any real deal will be delayed until next year’s COP17 in Durban, South Africa. There are still a few issues on the table: a $100 billion Climate Fund for adaptation; developing a full program to preserve forests under REDD; implementing emissions […]

Day Eleven: Will We Change the Climate, or the System?

Marie Gladue of Black Mesa Water Coalition talks about the common struggles of indigenous groups around the world, along with the need for funding their unique perspective.