Rapid industrial development across China has polluted watersheds, devastated ecosystems, and compromised human health in countless communities. A young environmental movement is growing in scope, yet there is still an enormous need to establish trusted local organizations and stronger networks. The China Advisory Board is committed to building and supporting the infrastructure of this crucial environmental movement, enabling groups to work with communities and the government to tackle what in many areas is becoming an environmental crisis.

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Grantmaking Strategies

  • Build the capacity of the environmental movement by establishing ‘resource centers’ across China
  • Support under-served regions and groups.
  • Support youth groups, such as the China Youth Climate Action Network (see ‘Grants’)
  • Encourage transparency and information sharing 

Board Prorities

Waters and rivers



Pollution and environmental health

Coastal protection

Energy and climate change


  • China Youth Climate Action Network

    Grant #: 52-573
    Amount: $3,600
    Country: China
    Focus: Climate Change

    The China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN) is a coalition of seven different youth organizations that facilitates projects and activities related to sustainable energy and climate change mitigation. From the time Global Greengrants Fund provided CYCAN with its first two grants in 2008, the network has worked hard to build awareness among Chinese youth about global climate change and to empower their solutions. With this small grant, CYCAN surveyed the energy consumption of 16 universities and then initiated campus-based activities around climate change, spreading awareness and initiating change in university communities.

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  • Dalian Environment

    Grant #: 54-192
    Amount: $15,000
    Country: China
    Focus: Biodiversity

    Dalian Black Reef Coastal National Geologic Park has suffered from substantial garbage and sewage pollution. Dalian Environment organized beach clean-up days, monitored legal enforcement of pollution standards (from local industries), and held community seminars and environmental education programs with funding from Global Greengrants.

  • Green Hunan Alliance

    Grant #: 53-404
    Amount: $500
    Country: China
    Focus: Water

    Green Hunan Alliance works to promote environmental protection throughout China’s Hunan province. In particular, the group works to protect water resources and promote energy efficiency and pollution reduction at the community level. The organization used a small grant to investigate water pollution in the Xingjian River. It was then able to build a campaign to raise awareness about the river’s pollution levels among local citizens and the media.

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