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Global Greengrants is the leading environmental fund that supports grassroots action on a global scale. The organization creates opportunities for individuals, foundations, and corporations to invest in local leaders and communities to protect people and the environment, restore places and ways of life that have been harmed, and transform systems to create a sustainable future.

Since 1993, the organization has made over 8,000 grants in 143 countries, worth over $40 million. Global Greengrants’ ultimate goal is to create a sustainable future in which all people live with dignity and in harmony with the environment.

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Global Greengrants in the News

May 2016 – Boulder Weekly
Gold Beneath the Waters

May 2016 – Daily Camera
Boulder Nonprofit Hopes for Justice in Slaying of Honduran Activist Berta Cáceres

March 2016 – Colorado Public Radio
Environmental Activists Risk Death in Many Countries Boulder Funder Says

March 2016 – Boulder Weekly
Paying the Price

March 2016 – Nonprofit Chronicles
The Murder of Berta Cáceres

March 2016 –
Berta Cáceres is the most recent environmental activist to be killed trying to protect her home

March 2016 – Climate Progress
Prize-Winning Environmentalist Murdered In Her Home in Honduras

February 2016 – Boulder Weekly
The Forest Is Crying

November 2015 – Guardian
If We Don’t Act Now, We Turkana Could Lose Our Homes

December 2015 – Climate Home
Pretty Green: The Youth Clamouring for a Climate Deal

December 2015 – The Zimbabwean
Youngsters Get Involved in Climate Change

December 2015 – SciDevNet
Youth Key to Climate Change Awareness

December 2015 – Radio France Internationale
Kenyan Youth Activist Fights to Make Turkana County’s Voice Heard at Cop21 

December 2015 – Anthropocene Radio
Namibia’s Drought: Interview with Omagano

December 2015 – Devex
4 Questions for a Young Climate Leader

December 2015 – Boulder Weekly
Filipino Youth Raise Voices at COP21

November 2015 – Daily Nation
Rising Temperatures Are Hurting Us, Kenyan Student Tells Leaders

November 2015 – TckTckTck
One Young Person’s Fight Against Deforestation in the Philippines

November 2015 – Down to Earth Magazine
Indigenous Communities Are Key Stakeholders in the Climate Change Talks

November 2015 – Climate Home
Climate Frontline: The Kenya Province Counting on a Climate Deal

November 2015 – Xinhua
Kenyan Grassroots Youth to Raise Voice of Marginalized at Paris Climate Talks

November 2015 – TckTckTck
Fighting Deforestation in Ecuador’s Disappearing Forests

November 2015 – TckTckTck
Filipino Youth Take on Open-Pit Mining


April 2015 – Inter Press Agency
Millions of dollars for climate financing but barely one cent for women

March 2015 – Alliance Magazine
Can women save the planet? A new report shows the way

March 2015 – Thomson Reuters Foundation
Guide aims to help donors push climate and disaster funds to women

March 2015 – The Denver Post
Denver nonprofit celebrates international women’s day

March 2015 – Daily Camera
Boulder woman works to make impact on social, environmental justice

March 2015 – Boulder Weekly
A changing climate in gender equality

March 2015 – KGNU community radio / Boulder, CO
Women and climate change

November 2014 – The Guardian
Women on climate change frontline make big impact on small grants

March 2015 – Alliance Magazine
Audacious philanthropy for our time

February 2015 – Daily Camera
Boulder woman works to make impact on social, environmental justice

September 2014 – Inter Press Service
Environmental funding bypasses indigenous communities

August 2014 – EcoWatch
Women’s rights and climate change: what’s the connection

August 2014 – Thomson Reuters Foundation
A climate conference with a difference with a difference in Bali

August 2014 –
Who’s our best hope for fighting climate change?

August 2014 – Thomson Reuters Foundation
First summit on women and climate decries lack of grassroots funding

August 2014 – Huffington Post
Bali is more than paradise – it’s the site of the 2014 Summit on Women & Climate

August 2014 – Christian Science Monitor
‘Mama Aleta’ defends Indonesia’s natural habitat

August 2014 – Inter Press Service
Women warriors take environmental protection into their own hands (Read in Spanish.)

August 2014 – Thomson Reuters Foundation
Intrepid PNG woman leads relocation of island community hit by climate change

August 2014 – Thomson Reuters Foundation
The Indonesian housewife who took on mining companies and won

August 2014 – Thomson Reuters Foundation
Women hurt by lack of say in South Asia’s environmental policy

August 2014 – IRIN Asia
Call for action to curb attacks on environmental campaigners

August 2014 – Thomson Reuters Foundation
Brazil’s first indigenous woman lawyer beats prejudice to battle for land rights

August 2014 – Thomson Reuters Foundation
Defending forests is daily life for Indian woman leader

August 2014 – Thomson Reuters Foundation
Don’t ignore big climate finance funds, grassroots women activists advised

August 2014 – RTCC: Responding to Climate Change
Meet the weaver who stopped miners destroying her forest

August 2014 – Thomson Reuters Foundation
“Don’t forget men,” first women and climate summit advised

August 2014 – Thomson Reuters Foundation
Women activists defy danger to protect the environment

August 2014 – KGNU community radio / Boulder, CO
Women and climate: voices from the Summit on Women & Climate

May 2014 – Boulder Weekly
This Year’s Goldman Prizes Have a Boulder Connection

April 2014 – Marie Claire
What We Love About April – Aveda Earth Month

March 2014 – Organic Spa Magazine
Earth Day Month

February 2014 The New York Times
Russian Environmentalist, and Critic of Olympics, Gets 3-Year Prison Sentence

February 2014 – EcoWatch
Post-Sochi: Environmental Groups Call on Olympic Committee to Consider Future Games’ Climate Impacts

February 2014 – Boulder Weekly
Boulder Group Has Funds Frozen by Russia in Olympic Environmental Flap

February 2014 – KGNU, Boulder, Colorado
Environmentalists Highlight Destructive Nature of Sochi Olympics

February 2014 – KUNC, Fort Collins, Colorado
Boulder Nonprofit Sounds Alarm on Sochi’s Environmental Woes

January 2014 – elephant journal
Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis: Waylon Talks with Terry Odendahl

Ongoing – Latest From Alliance blog

August 2012 – Responsive Philanthropy
Redirecting International Environmental Grantmaking

February 2011 – Treehugger
Aveda and Global Greengrants Fund Increasing Access to Clean Water to Rural India

September 2010 – Minnesota Council on Foundations Blog
Colorado-Based International Giving Nonprofit Connects in Minnesota

July 2010 – The Nation
A Day to Celebrate Climate Solutions

July 2010 – Planet Green
Global Greengrants Fund: Where Green Ideas, from Sustainable Agriculture to Mine Restoration, Sprout Around the World

March 2010 – Fast Company
Aveda And The Yawanawa: CSR Chief To Chief

March 2010 – Alliance Magazine
Chasing the Butterfly: Why Small Grants Matter

June 2008 – Alliance Magazine
Aveda and Global Greengrants Fund: Lighting the way to corporate philanthropy