News & Resources from North America

Firing up Canada’s indigenous rights movement

Jan 29, 2013

We talk about Canada's indigenous rights and environmental justice movement with Corvin Russell, an indigenous rights activist in Toronto and an original organizer for Defenders of the Land, a Global Greengrants Fund grantee. Read more

A 250-mile Paddling Trek for the Wild Farm River Watershed

Aug 23, 2012

From August 24 to September 7, a team of paddlers from the Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI) Indigenous Nation will venture 250 mi from their remote fly-in community to Hudson's Bay. The message: "Respect our protection before this sacred landscape is poisoned by the diamond, gold, and metals mining companies who have set their sights on it.” Read more

Factory Labor Conditions: A grantee holds companies accountable for environmental health

Feb 29, 2012

Over the past year, this local group has focused on improving the labor conditions of workers in Mexico’s electronic industry. Their strategy is to reduce exposure to toxic substances, advocate for workers' rights, and unite affected communities into a common voice. Read more

World’s Most Robust Marine Reserve: Cabo Pulmo

Sep 14, 2011

From completely depleted to a biodiversity "hot spot," the Cabo Pulmo Marine Reserve has proven that determined communities can use fierce conservation efforts to bring oceans back from the brink. Read more

Justice for the Tarahumara People

Aug 17, 2011

4,000 acres of indigenous land were illegally sold to developers in northern Mexico. With the help of a savvy grassroots group and a small grant, the indigenous community is seeking justice. Read more

Nayarit, Mexico: Anti-Dam Leader Recieved Death Threats

Jul 28, 2011

A Global Greengrants advisor and prominent activist is challenging a potentially destructive dam project in western Mexico. His work is dangerous, but he continues to fight. Read more

Grantee’s Film Featured in International Online Film Festival

Jun 27, 2011

The film Blue Gold changed the course of a proposed mining project in British Columbia. Now you can celebrate this production by watching and voting for it in the Green Unplugged online film festival. Read more

Water Warriors: Exposing the Threats of Dams in Africa

Mar 31, 2011

Celebrate Earth Month! Throughout the month of April we'll be featuring a different (and incredible) Water Warrior each week---grassroots groups that are protecting and improving access to clean water with the support of Aveda and Global Greengrants Fund. Read more

Donor’s Photography Wins Awards, Tells Stories

Jan 19, 2011

Elizabeth Weinstein and her family traveled to South Africa with Greengrants last summer to 'bear witness' to our grantees' struggles. The images she captured and the impact of the trip have had a resounding effect. Read more

COP16 Wrap-Up: An Agreement Emerges, but is it Enough?

Dec 13, 2010

Delegates at the 16th annual Conference of the Parties emerged from final climate talks early Saturday morning. Their “Cancun Agreement” is sadly on par with expectations. Read more