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Voices for justice: Don’t let Bhopal happen again

In 1984, a gas leak at a factory in India, now owned by Dow Chemical, killed thousands of people—500,000 still suffer from health problems.

With a Greengrant, the Remember Bhopal Trust is creating a traveling museum to raise awareness about the catastrophe, ensure its lessons are not forgotten, and strengthen movements for justice.

Stand for environmental justice

When the environment hurts, people hurt.

Pollution, pesticides, and toxins cause serious health problems like cancer, neurological diseases, and birth defects. People of color, who have low incomes, and who live in non-industrialized countries are hit hardest.

Our Grant Recipients protect people and ecosystems from toxic pollution. Learn about our Global South Plus program.


Bhopal's lessons will not be forgotten

Hundreds of thousands of people still suffer from health impacts of the Bhopal disaster. The Remember Bhopal Trust is using a Greengrant to create a traveling museum to ensure the catastrophe’s lessons are not forgotten.

Blowing the whistle on Nigeria oil pollution

Oil companies spill the equivalent of an entire Exxon Valdez disaster every year in the Niger Delta. The water and fish are poisoned. The air and soil is poisoned. Greengrants are helping Ogoni people become environmental whistle-blowers.

Is Columbia’s war on drugs a war on people?

To kill coca plants, Colombia sprays toxic glyphosate—the ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup—over rural communities. We are supporting local lawsuits to stop the spraying and force the government to pay reparations to 15,000 people.

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