Where Change Takes Root

Global Greengrants Fund believes solutions to environmental harm and social injustice come from people whose lives are most impacted. Every day, our global network of people on the frontlines and donors comes together to support communities to protect their ways of life and our planet. Because when local people have a say in the health of their food, water, and resources, they are forces for change.

A sustainable Earth is a human right. Environmental threats, such as climate change, are also some of the most pressing social issues of our time.

To protect the environment, we invest in the people who eat from the land, who drink the water, and who want to see a better life for their children and generations to come.

Since 1993, Global Greengrants Fund has been one of the leading organizations in the world supporting grassroots-led efforts to protect the planet and the rights of people. Together with our diverse community of people on the frontlines and our supporters, we’ve impacted the lives of millions of people.

How do we do it?

We let local people take the lead.

Global Greengrants Fund is different from other international organizations in that we don’t try to dictate an agenda from afar. Instead, we trust local people to advance solutions and strategies that will best fit their needs, providing them the resources to make their ideas a reality.

To get money into the hands of people with the most effective solutions, Global Greengrants designed a grantmaking model that allows us to find and invest in ideas without bureaucracy or red tape. We offer a 25-year track record of success funding decisions made by our trusted network of dedicated volunteer experts, who act as our eyes and ears on the ground. They deliver knowledge of context and first-hand expertise, connecting our resources to local solutions that promote environmental justice. As a result, we are able to work in some of the most remote corners of the world, with groups and individuals who lack access to money through other means. For at least 40 percent of our grantees, Global Greengrants Fund is their very first funder.

Our ability to connect to frontline solutions that other organizations have no way of finding or supporting is wholly unique. This nimble, time-honored model is the heart and soul of Global Greengrants Fund.

Since 1993, we have made:

More than 12,000 grants

In 168 countries

Worth more than $84 million