The Challenge

With hundreds of small atolls and over 500 language dialects, the Pacific Islands represent enormous ecological and cultural diversity. But indigenous populations and fragile ecosystems are severely threatened by climate change, industrial logging, palm-oil expansion, and a lack of corporate accountability.

The impacts of a warming world and natural disasters directly affect the basic livelihoods of local people, including lifelines to food, water, shelter, and income. The remoteness of the islands, limited infrastructure, and poor access to market goods also increase residents’ vulnerability, making the need for adaptation and mitigation strategies even more urgent.

Our Solutions

By working with local grassroots leaders and communities across the Pacific Islands, we help communities unite in action against social and environmental injustices. With access to money, on-the-ground organizations can take initiative in the fight for sustainable resource use and management, as well as increase environmental awareness through education programs and public policy advocacy.