“The power to give should actually rest with the people who have the most experience instead of the people with the most money. Global Greengrants Fund works with experts around the world—activists who live on the frontlines and are deeply connected to the communities where they live—to place funds directly in the hands of those who can make an impact.”

-Alison Goldberg, Donor since 2006

The generosity of our donors makes it possible for Global Greengrants to get resources directly to local people working to protect our shared planet and promote environmental justice. 

All of the foundations, corporations, and individuals that support our work share a common goal: to mobilize much-needed support to people who are often overlooked by traditional philanthropy but who have the solutions to make a lasting impact on the health of our planet and people’s rights.

Meet Our Donors

Jen Astone

Executive Director of the Swift Foundation

“I love working with the Global Greengrants staff. The dialogue has consistently been honest and helpful. And their knowledge of issues, regions, and communities has been exceptional in raising our awareness. One Greengrants staffer gave a talk on hydrocarbons and oil and gas exploration at a board meeting. It is so helpful to educate our board and staff about the communities we are supporting and the issues they’re facing.”

Greg Davis

Donor since 2003

“In a world of large issues, my wife and I discovered that through Global Greengrants, the small amounts that we could afford could have huge impacts for individual groups around the world. That makes our efforts so much more rewarding.”