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Climate change in Kenya: if we don't act now, we Turkana could lose our homes

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Kenyan Grassroots Youth to Raise Voice of Marginalized at Paris Climate Talks

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'Mama Aleta' defends Indonesia's natural habitat

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Intrepid PNG woman leads relocation of island community hit by climate change

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Women hurt by lack of say in South Asia's environment policy

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Call for action to curb attacks on environmental campaigners

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Brazil's first indigenous woman lawyer beats prejudice to battle for land rights

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Defending forests is daily life for Indian woman leader

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Don’t ignore big climate finance funds, grassroots women activists advised

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Women activists defy danger to protect the environment

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Russian Environmentalist, and Critic of Olympics, Gets 3-Year Prison Sentence

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Post-Sochi: Environmentalists Call on Olympic Committee to Consider Future Game’s Climate Impacts

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Boulder group has funds frozen by Russia in Olympic environmental flap

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Environmentalists Highlight Destructive Nature of Sochi Olympics

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Boulder Nonprofit Sounds Alarm On Sochi’s Environmental Woes

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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis: Waylon Talks with Terry Odendahl

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