The Challenge

The climate crisis has emerged from a reality in which those who benefit from our globalized economy and energy production are not those who suffer the impacts. And many of the proposed solutions continue to privilege the few while preventing others access to resources, forests, and energy.

Organizations, governments, and funders are making an effort to tackle climate change at the global or national level. Yet while resources are available to address the climate crisis, those most impacted by the chaos still lack access to funding of their own to implement local solutions to the problems they face every day.  

Our Solutions

We believe that the real solutions to climate change will come from frontline communities resisting untenable fossil fuel development, the work of traditional farmers who practice soil conservation, the rights of indigenous peoples to defend their forests, and ever-resilient communities with diverse economies and networks.

Through our grantmaking, Global Greengrants Fund supports projects to restore forests, resist harmful development, and advocate for smart climate policies. We invest in the people who have the most to lose—and who are acting now.