The Challenge

Climate change and subsequent damage to water, land, and clean air impacts women disproportionately. They walk farther when water and firewood runs out, work harder for less when erratic weather patterns wreak havoc on crops, and die at higher rates when natural disasters strike.

To confront these pressing environmental challenges, women must have their voices heard. Astonishingly, less than 1 percent of international philanthropy goes to women’s environmental initiatives. That must change.

Our Solutions

Solutions to climate change exist on the frontlines of the battle to save our planet. Grassroots women leaders are already stepping up to the challenge. Global Greengrants stands in solidarity beside these leaders and promotes their rights to, and solutions for a safe, healthy, and clean environment.

Global Greengrants Fund supports over 300 women-led projects per year to protect the planet, making us one of the top organizations in the world supporting women’s environmental-action initiatives.

Since 2014, we have increased grantmaking to projects that address the unequal and gendered impacts of environmental damage. More than half of our total budget now goes to these ends, and we aren’t stopping there.

Global Greengrants Fund also actively advocates for increased support of women’s environmental projects throughout the philanthropic community, sharing analysis on how funders can increase the amount of resources going to the intersection of women’s rights and the environment.