The Challenge

Around the globe, people have lived in harmony with the environment for centuries—growing their own food, fishing on a small scale, and drinking from local rivers. But the rapid increase in industrial development, resource dependence, and urbanization threaten traditional ways of life and the environmental resources communities depend on.

With people struggling to survive and provide for their families, we must address the question: How can at-risk populations continue to protect deep cultural livelihoods and respect natural places while also finding a fair wage?

Our Solutions

Local livelihoods are not just about income, but rather economic independence—a form of resistance to boom-and-bust development and the dehumanization of indigenous communities and cultures.

We partner with farmers, fisherfolk, beekeepers, and artisans and invest in diverse local economies that are committed to restoring the environment, establishing a fair wage, and showing great resilience in the face of hardship and disaster.