Taking on Asbestos in Chile

Pizarreño is a very well-known roofing company in the cultural history of Chile. Similarly to how tissues are colloquially referred to as “Kleenex” in the United States, in Chile, roofs are referred to as “Pizarreños.” What’s less well known? The impact the company has had on the health and lives of many Chileans. Meet Adrian, […]

VICTORY: Brazil Ends Mega-Dam Building Policy

On January 2nd, the Brazilian Government announced the end of its decades-old mega-dam building policy. The move was a major – albeit surprising – win for indigenous and environmental groups across the Amazon Basin, who have been fighting tirelessly against mega-dam construction since the 1960’s. Global Greengrants Fund and our network of grantees has good […]

Global Greengrants Fund UK Announces New Patrons

Global Greengrants Fund UK is delighted to announce its first patrons. These three public figures are committed to strengthening environmental justice and working toward a more equitable world. Our patrons have a track record of engagement on environmental causes, and we are particularly proud that they each represent different approaches, constituencies and backgrounds. What unites […]

25 Years: From Then Until Now

The year was 1993, and Burma was in chaos. A young man carried an envelope filled with cash across the war-torn border between Burma and Thailand. He was delivering Global Greengrants Fund’s first-ever grant. The recipient? Green November 32, at the time Burma’s only environmental and human rights organization. The cash in that envelope produced […]

A Look Back at 2017: 5 Wins from the Grassroots

2017 has been a challenging year for the environment and human rights. Complete with a seemingly unending series of natural disasters, and a record number of murders of environmental defenders, it’s safe to say that the year has not been without obstacle. Worldwide the urgency of the climate crisis became more apparent as international efforts […]