The Challenge

Home to extensive marine life and eclectic indigenous cultures, the Arctic region is a precious and valuable ecosystem. Unfortunately, the Arctic seas are also among the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems, facing threats from increased commercial shipping and fishing, expanded offshore drilling, and climate change, which is happening here at twice the rate of the rest of the world.  

Once-frozen land is sinking, islands are disappearing into the sea, and marine livelihoods and resources are dwindling while wildfires are on the rise. It’s more challenging and dangerous than ever to access traditional resources, and extractive industries are polluting natural spaces and altering the native lands of indigenous peoples.

Our Solutions

Across the Northern Hemisphere, Global Greengrants Fund supports indigenous societies and activists striving to preserve their changing ecosystems and lives. We fund directly resident-led campaigns to prevent oil development and the clear cutting of forests and rainforest, efforts to protect access to water and resources, and action to defend the human rights of communities and environmentalists.