Plastic Art: Make a flower from recycled bottles

December 19, 2011 | No Comments

You will need 1 plastic bottle (preferably colored), a pair of scissors, paper clips, and a piece of wire.

Rumkiny flower step one


1.  Cut the bottle in half; discard bottom half of bottle.


2. Cut the desired number of petals from the cut side of the bottle.




Rumkiny flower step 2


3.  Curl each petal under and fix it with a paper clip.



4.  Put the flower into hot water (almost boiling) for 10 seconds to fix the petals in a curly state.



Rumkiny flower step3



5.  Put the cap back on the bottle neck and make a stem out of a piece of wire. You can decorate wire with a green paper or plastic.




Rumkiny flower step 4



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