The Catholic Church Divests $5 Trillion from Fossil Fuels

In April 2017, spanning five continents, an international coalition of Catholic institutions has divested from polluting fossil fuels. The Global Catholic Climate movement made the announcement October 3, marking the largest joint declaration of divestment by Catholic organizations to date. The total amount divested totals upwards of $5 trillion.

Global Greengrants Fund has supported multiple projects in which grassroots groups call for Catholic institutions to divest and support a carbon-neutral economy.

Australia: Action at the Vatican

In 2015, Global Greengrants Fund, working with, awarded $20,000 to 350 Pacific for the organization to send delegates to the Vatican to encourage Catholic leaders to take action against climate change at the COP21 meeting in Paris. Learn more about the Pacific Climate Warriors here.

Philippines: Movement for Climate Justice

To support climate change education through a “Divest the Vatican” campaign, Global Greengrants Fund gave a grant to the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice. The group produced educational materials for fifteen Catholic dioceses, and organized strategy meetings between religious and environmental leaders to unify the campaign.

Global Greengrants Fund

Global Greengrants Fund

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