Donor Advised Funds

Start a Donor Advised Fund

Need a partner to help you invest in the issues and solutions that matter most to you? Consider opening a Donor Advised Fund with Global Greengrants to support grassroots activists working on some of the world’s most compelling challenges.

Five Reasons to Open a Donor Advised Fund

  • Global Greengrants provides a safe, hassle-free grant infrastructure to invest internationally and an efficient alternative to starting a private foundation.
  • There is a guaranteed investment in people and the planet—no administrative, legal, or tax challenges.
  • Tax deductions are available on contributions of any size, including gifts of appreciated stock, real estate, and other assets.
  • Opening a Donor Advised Fund allows for opportunities to learn from our network of more than 160 local experts, and leverage the power of this global network in your grantmaking choices.
  • We provide anonymous funding as desired.