Green Grantmaking

Our flagship program supports more than 5,300 local projects in 167 countries with Greengrants averaging $4,800. Our grants support grassroots solutions to social and environmental challenges such as climate change, biodiversity conservation, freshwater, indigenous rights, ocean and coastal conservation, and women’s voices.

leafFor people and the planet

Both are honored in the grassroots initiative.


Supports community-led initiatives and organizations.

leafApproved by expert advisors

Identified by as effective, accountable, and in critical need of support. (Learn about our Grant Advisors.)


Addresses the root causes of an issue.


Responds to urgent issues in real time.

Nnimmo Bassey, Global Board Chair and Grant Advisor in West Africa
“Global Greengrants is so respectful of what local people are going through and what they need. It is not prescriptive—it just supports them and gives them the tools they need. It’s this sense of dignity and respect that’s so vital in the world today. It’s also what so many people in the world don’t care about today. But Global Greengrants does.” 
Explore the issues and how we are supporting grassroots change.